For contractors

Lightweight, Ease of Handling

Cranes and excessive labour are seldom required to place SWP formwork.  The product is so light and easy to use that it is preferred by the concrete formwork contractors who handle it. Mostly two installers/contractors will be able to handle the product manually.

Ease of Stripping – an important feature for contractors

SWP Column Formwork is very easy to strip.  It is one of the quickest disposable formwork to strip, either by cutting off in slabs or by unwinding from the column.

  • Steel columns are often hard to remove, have sharp edges when cut and create a hazard on site and is difficult to dispose of for contractors.  SWP columns are more likely to prevent accidents and can reduce injury time of work or workers compensation claims.
  • Cardboard, depending on the brand, is hard and time-consuming to strip as it bonds to concrete and must be torn from the column
May Be Stripped Last, Protects Column

Due to the ease of stripping SWP formwork, they can be left on until the last moment, even if a floor has been poured above them.  Leaving the formwork on also contributes to the protection of the finish of the column until all trades have completed their work.  This is another cost saver for the contractors.

Lower Cycle Time

Since delayed stripping is possible, the use of SWP Column Formwork reduces floor cycle time.  Also a contractor can pour an entire floor slab and the support columns to the slab at the same time.  Manufactured formwork and shutters must be stripped prior to soffit formwork being placed, therefore adding another critical element to the formwork program.

No Damage from Wet Weather, Knocks, Etc.

SWP Column Formwork is made for outside conditions and is better suited to onsite conditions than any other disposable formwork.  As the columns are flexible they will resist knocking and denting from falling objects (at least to a certain degree), are not affected by rain and can be easily manhandled on-site.

No Oiling Required

The inherent waxiness of the internal surface, both of the unlined but in particular of the lined columns, ensures that the application of oil is not required.  The waxiness  also ensures a very quick and clean stripping process.

Exact Sizes – No Wastage, Incremental Sizing

SWP Column Formwork is produced in exact lengths so there is no wastage derived from using stock lengths.  This also allows for a shorter handling and placement time for the contractor.  SWP columns are produced in any diameter up to 2500mm, hence eliminating the time honoured system of “going up one size” to accommodate a designer’s request.

Short Lead Time

SWP Column Formwork is produced to order, in both diameter and length and SWP Australia is proud to deliver a quick turn-around service. Often within one or two days.

Technical Support

Within SWP Australia there are many years of experience in the manufacturing of PVC columns and together with its engineering support, most technical questions can be quickly answered both from a practical but also theoretical perspective.

Ease of Disposal

SWP Column Formwork is easy to dispose, either as slabs or coils of profile. The scrap PVC is light and has no sharp edges.

Reducing likelihood of Workers’ Compensation claims

As SWP formwork are light, easy to handle and easy to strip, workers are less likely to injure themselves whilst using it.  The most important aspect is stripping.  Unlike steel formwork, SWP does not produce dangerous sharp edges when stripped.  These advantages of SWP formwork mean a contractor’s workers’ compensation claims are potentially lower and there is less time lost from formwork injuries.