For Design Engineers

Incremental Sizing

SWP Column Formwork is one of few economical formwork technologies that can be made in any diameter.  This allows an engineer to design a column to exact sixe, thus avoiding the need to go up to a standard size and waste concrete.

May Be Stripped or Left On (Inside Out)

SWP Column Formwork can be stripped, or alternatively wound inside out and left in place.  This inside out aspect allows an architect to design “plastic coated columns” in places such as highly corrosive atmospheres (chemical plants, large water tanks), or undercover car parks.  This means the column is protected from corrosive damage and from impact damage.  Cars suffer less damage when striking a plastic coated column compared to a concrete column.

Lower Installed Cost of Column/Quicker Project Completion Time – Critical Path

As SWP Column Formwork can be placed and stripped quicker compared to other formwork, and since a column can be poured at the same time as a floor, projects have quicker completion times.  Due to reduced labour cost, columns from SWP have a lower installed cost.  Overall building costs are thereby reduced (formwork being approximately 10% of overall building costs and up to 40% in applications like car parks).