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2 Column finishes – 6 profiles

SWP Australia manufactures PVC concrete column formwork in round and oval shape – made to measure.


  • Column formwork (above ground)
  • Caissons and foundation formwork (in-ground)


  • Structural:  (un-lined), spiral line will show on finished column
  • Architectural (lined): column forms are lined with a rigid plastic sleeve, only a vertical line will show


  • 85 profile – most used profile
  • 85F profile – low-cost profile, mostly used for foundations
  • R2 profiles – used for higher stiffness requirements and standard diameter range from DN850 to DN1200.
  • R3/R5/R6 profiles – high strength profiles for big diameter (up to DN2400) and long length applications (up to 9+ m), e.g. bridge columns

Note : the rate of pour affects the load on the formwork. This chart is for the safe height of column that can be poured in an hour (in extreme temperature conditions this time may vary). Please contact our customer service team for additional information.

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