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Designed to Last

All our culverts and pipes are designed to the Australian standard for buried flexible pipes AS/NZS 2566.1 with a structural design life of 50 years.

The culverts and pipes are spirally wound from extruded strip of highly corrosion (salt) and abrasion resistant u-PVC profile. Diameters range from DN300 to DN1800 (2400). The culverts or pipes may be up to 18m long in one continuous length (restriction of transport) or if manufactured on site much longer, continuous pipes are possible.

Our ability to manufacture pipes on site or even directly in a trench, in one continuous length, can save days on laying pipe! No rubber ring jointing – no heavy excavation machinery – less time on site!

Manufacturing of culverts or pipes onsite will result in:

  • Freight cost savings (potentially very substantial)
  • No risk of the pipe being damaged in transport
  • (Substantial) reduction in the time for installation
  • No leaks … because no joints!
  • A decrease in the safety risk onsite (no need to haul heavy pipes from laydown areas to installation areas, etc)

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For More Information

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